Why & How


If nothing is done, seas and oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050 ! Moreover, preventing waste disposal is “more sustainable and less expensive”. In the Mediterranean regions, innovation support services to the agro-food chains are inadequate as they are confined to territorial domain and transnational cooperation needs to improve. This traditional “local-based” approach to tech-transfer is currently seen as a limit.

REINWASTE aims at helping Companies from the Food industry and the Agriculture reduce in very drastic ways their own packaging and replace them by recycled plastics. The project sets up a methodology to prevent and minimize their waste and valorize the use of bio-based materials within the products and processes. With the support of three influencing Public and Private Partnerships, three value chains are involved in testing innovative solutions in inorganic waste : horticulture in Andalucía, meat in Sud-PACA, dairy in Emilia-Romagna. External expert teams will cooperate with Companies according to a collaborative and open innovation approach. Innovative solutions are planned to move towards Bosnia-Herzegovina, involving the academic and scientific world.



Protocols and common guidelines of sustainable   management of inorganic waste, plastic and food packaging in the entire food system.


Dataset of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and products quick intercepting most promising zero waste solutions.


5 Open innovation labs.





9 Transnational innovation clusters supported to avoid packaging waste and packaging waste prevention.


Test on 30 enterprises in the target agrofood chains : Dairy, Horticulture, Meat.





3 Regional Action Plans to favour SMEs innovation.


9 Plans for transferability to avoid packaging waste and packaging waste prevention to other Agrofood and Agriculture supply chains.


Market analysis and feasibility study for launching the new REINWASTE service.





Symposium event with the European Technology platform « Food for Life ».


Convention for the project results in ECOMONDO expo.


Final event in Rome.