Who we are

Agencia de Gestión Agraria y Pesquera de Andalucía, Granada


AGAPA provides advanced technical and technological services in consultancy in farming, livestock, agrifood, agriculture and the rural sectors : for the knowledge management, the construction and the exploitation of information models and systems. AGAPA aims at developing policies related to the agricultural, agrifood and rural development sectors. It is involved in the design of policies to boost bioeconomy in the frame of the circular economy, to promote sustainability in the agrifood value chain, developing the Innovation and the technology ecosystem at regional level and setting up food clusters.




Società consortile dell'Emilia-Romagna per l'Innovazione e il Transferimento Tecnologico, Bologna

ASTER is the consortium for Innovation and Technology Transfer of Emilia-Romagna. Its partners are the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government, the Universities and Research Centres, the Regional Union of Chambers of Commerce. ASTER's expertise is linked to the transfer of innovative solutions and strategies for closing the loop of packaging sector and other industrial related sectors : packing materials producers, developers. It is a member of the national technological cluster of Agrifood and Green Chemistry. Designing and testing actions which are also functional to the implementation of the regional Smart Specialization Strategy are the main parts of the agency.  



Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires, Paris

ANIA is the French national association of food and drink industry. It gathers the 70% of the French food companies. It is one of the very first national economic players and business organization. ANIA is competent in regulation, knowledge transfer, sustainability, nutrition topics. It is in constant contact with the  French Ministry of Development. Its main competencies are the Agrofood regulations, the knowledge transfer, sustainability and nutrition topics. The association promotes  mobilizes Food companies, collects their needs and expectations to identify the priorities to work on. ANIA is a member of FOODDRINKEUROPE. Regarding the REINWASTE project, ANIA is a Partner from outside the programme area.

Instituto de Investigación y Formación Agraria y Pesquera, Sevilla

IFAPA aims at satisfying the demands of Andalusian agricultural, fishing, aquaculture and agrifood sectors by a network of 19 centers. It provides services, studies, consultancy and the scientific knowledge to support the agriculture sustainable development, the livestocks and the aquaculture. IFAPA sets up food clusters and R&D bodies operating in the field of circular economy, participates in transnational networks of competence centers specialized in mapping and testing the best available solutions for residues, as well as contributing to knowledge transfer and dissemination at international level especially in the horticultural value chain.


Centre Régional d’Innovation et de Transfert de Technologies Agroalimentaires, Avignon

CRITT is specialised in supporting the Agrofood companies in several technical fields, such as packaging and waste management. The Center provides those services through Innovation and technology Transfer actions, at individual level (project management in SMEs) and at collective level (information, trainings). It has led several projects linked to waste management in the Agrofood sector. CRITT supports the involvement of a large number of companies in the "environmental and sustainable management" linked to the inorganic waste management.

Federación Española de Industrias de la Alimentación y Bebidas, Madrid

FIAB represents the largest majority of the Spanish agrofood companies. It is in permanent contact with the Spanish Ministries to address sectorial strategic issues and negotiate legal provisions ruling the Agrofood sector.. It is specialized in leading a platform of discussion at National and European levels gathering the Food industry stakeholders : the Food For Life - Spain Platform with SMEs, the Academic world and Technological centers; it promotes SMEs innovation capacity in the Agrofood sector. Regarding the REINWASTE project, FIAB is a Partner outside the programme area.



University of East Sarajevo, Sarajevo

UES is involved in over 20 bilateral agreements with partner Universities in Europe and Russia and is a member of several university networks and international associations. Its Faculty of Technology has an important study program in Food technology and Chemical engineering. It is experienced on the environmental protection, bio-technology and energy efficiency issues, in food and environmental protection technologies. UES adopts the available pilot solutions for the Agrofood value chain in its region.

Confederazione Generale dell’Agricoltura Italiana, Roma

CONFAGRICOLTURA  is a Federation which represents and protects the Italian agricultural enterprises. SEPE is its operative arm. The Federation is present on the ground across the Italian territory through its 19 regional federations, its regional offices and its town representatives. It supports agricultural businesses for the quality and the technological innovation, both for procedures and products. It works for the development of Italian agriculture, the environment and the territories. CONFAGRICOLTURA shares with a large number of farms owners, innovative technologies and best practices to promote the sustainability of Agriculture. 

Federazione Italiane dell’Industria Alimentare, Roma

FEDERALIMENTARE Servizi has for mission to support the innovation and competitiveness of companies, in particular the SMEs of the Agrofood sector to create new competencies on tools for circular economy and eco-innovation. It enhances transnational exchanges of policies and new joint collaborations for future Research and Development projects. The Federation provides advice to the Ministry of Environment on better objectives and tools definition to increase the Agrofood industry competitiveness. It also participates in the animation of EU food platforms. and is in line with the Circular Economy debate.

Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Aix-en-Provence

CRA gathers six Chambers of Agriculture of PACA region. Like any other activity, agriculture generates waste, related to the use of the agricultural equipment. The Chambers of Agriculture work together for the constitution of networks between agricultural and food-processing companies and services. They help farmers to collect, valorize and recycle their waste. CRA mutualizes the knowledge and skills in an innovative way to significantly reduce inorganic waste in farms and contributes to create synergies to improve waste management.