REINWASTE results presented by AGAPA with the ERRIN

AGAPA was invited by the Green Growth Community to share REINWASTE results pwith the European Regions Research and Innovation Networks (ERRIN).

The aim of this webinar is to introduce interested ERRIN members to the Green Growth Community and the many ways of benefitting from the project activities.

The webinar consisted of two parts: The first part focused on a general introduction to the Green Growth Community and ERRIN’s role in the project, including information on how the ERRIN members can benefit from the project activities. The second part contained more detailed presentations of the three project outcomes along with examples of how they have been used and the impact they have had in regions. 

In addition, the webinar  provided valuable insights into some of the results developed by the community and the impact these results have had in other regions. Also it fostered oportunities for new synergies among projects.

The following results and experiences were presented:

- Green Public Procurement for energy efficient renovations. GRASPINO Project. 
- Zero inorganic waste for the agri-food sector. REINWASTE Project.
- Assessing the environmental, social and economic impact of products. PEFMED Project.

Attached you can find REINWASTE Presentation and the diffrent factsheets of the projects.