The territorial representative of the Andalusian Regional Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock Production, Fisheries and Sustainable Development in Almeria inaugurated, on April 23, the working session for the pooling of the activities developed in the pilot phase of the horticultural sector in Almeria in order to maximize the results of the project, thanks to fluid coordination. The project partners, CAGPDS and COEXPHAL, welcomed the progress made at REINWASTE in recent months.

On Tuesday April 23, the Spanish partnership (AGAPA, IFAPA, FIAB, THE REGIONAL MINISTRY FOR AGRICULTURE, LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION, FISHERIES AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF ANDALUSIA and COEXPHAL) met in Almeria for the first time with the teams of experts contracted for REINWASTE pilot activities phase (COEXPHAL and ECOGESTIONA on the part of IFAPA, and AINIA on the part of FIAB).

The first part of the meeting consisted of a working session between the partners and expert teams of the two links of the horticultural supply chain, aimed at sharing the work carried out in the context of the first stage of the pilot activities, which has now been completed. Moreover, this session also aimed to set out the objectives for the development of the second stage, which consists on the launch of 5 pilot projects related to production and another 5 concerning the industry. Therefore, it was possible to establish the strategic lines of the pilots to be developed in the sector, thus finding synergies that will allow to maximize the use of the results of the project.

In addition, the main aspects related to the two Open Innovation Labs to be held (one in May in Almeria for production and another one in October in Madrid for the industry) were discussed. The objectives of both events have been aligned, so that they can give the project the widest coverage.

Within this working session, practical aspects were finally addressed in order to be able to coordinate the video recording of activities showing the best innovative solutions in the horticultural sector, as well as statements of influential figures in the horticultural sector.

At the second part of the meeting, the results achieved to date, as well as the planning of activities to be developed in the coming months, were presented to the project partners who showed interest in the pilot activities to be carried out.

In short, the intense working day was a success for all attendees, who were able to bring their opinions together and clarify their doubts, confident that this experience will favour the results of REINWASTE.

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