REINWASTE has actively participated in the European Researchers´ Night, celebrated the 27th September in Granada (Andalusia-Spain), by explaining the concept of bioeconomy in the agro-food value chain to the general public.

This year, the European Researchers’ Night was celebrated the 27th September. This important event is a set of diverse public meetings to approach researchers to society. They showcase the diversity of current undertaking research and highlight the impact of research in our daily lives. The aim of this special night is also to motivate young people to engage on research careers. The different activities spread how researchers contribute to our society by displaying their work in an interactive and active forum. 

In this context, IFAPA and AGAPA have presented the REINWASTE project by the conference entitled “Introduction to circular economy: the REINWASTE project” given by PhD. Fátima Rojas Serrano, member of REINWASTE project. During the conference, IFAPA presented in a didactic and enjoyable way the importance of the horticultural greenhouse sector of Almería and the associated problems linked to the management of the inorganic waste derived from the production process, emphasizing on plastic materials, which is a generalized concerning problem for general public. Furthermore, potential innovative solutions and alternatives were exposed in a clear way to reduce these wastes in horticultural sector. Beside this, participants have explored ways for how consumers could contribute to a more sustainable management of these wastes in the agro-food value chain. More than 50 people from a very broad age-range attended this conference, most of them young people. 

In conclusion, a very interesting annual appointment not to miss, in which IFAPA and AGAPA exposed the objectives and achievements of REINWASTE project towards a zero waste in food and industry production.