REINWASTE is online with the Andalusian Strategy of Bioeconomy 2020 promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Rural Development - Andalusia, Spain.


REINWASTE : objective zero inorganic waste to help involved Companies to be more competitive and more ecological.





The information related to the production of inorganic waste in rural areas is atomized or non-existent. In general, about the composition of this waste, in greenhouses horticultural sector of Almería (Andalusia, Spain), the plastic used as protection material represents approximately 6 % of the total waste produced in intensive agriculture and the remaining 94% correspond to organic residues. The estimation for 35,000 hectares of horticultural greenhouses in the area shows that more than 93,170 tons of waste and a volume of 124,340 m3 are produced every year. The maintenance of the cover structure and the plastic for disinfection are the productive functions with a higher importance regarding the weight (42% and 23%, respectively) and volume (40% and 19%, respectively) of waste produced.



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