This article presents the feedbacks and the satisfaction results from the surveyed horticultural farming companies. These feedback show the positive impact of the execution of REINWASTE on the sustainability, productivity and functioning of the horticultural sector.

REINWASTE has taken a step further in the obtention of information from the feedback of several horticultural companies. In this sense, IFAPA in collaboration with AGAPA, has concretely conducted a satisfaction survey related to, among other aspects, the situation of the enterprises respecting to the level of inorganic waste generation, their level of satisfaction with the waste management system, or their willingness to implement one or more innovative solutions to achieve the goal of zero waste. Additionally, this interview has in fact been carried out in two phases, the first one was carried once the pilots were set up, and the second one has been conducted during the last phase of the execution of the experimental pilots, by means of which different alternative solutions are being tested to minimize or reduce inorganic waste generation in the horticultural farming sector. This has been done in this way, to compare the changes or evolution of the answers between the two moments and with the aim that the respondent can relativize the answers of the final survey. In the case of IFAPA (horticultural production sector), five enterprises were surveyed. 

The main conclusions from this survey are:

The assessment of the initial situation of the primary horticultural sector respecting to its level of inorganic waste generation is relatively low in the sense that certain amounts of waste are generated in their production processes. However, after the execution of the pilots, this value rises considerably, showing a lower appreciation of the quantities generated and/or a certain improvement in their management. 

The assessment of the level of satisfaction with the inorganic waste management system implemented in the companies is relatively good. Likewise, there is an improvement in this assessment after the development of the REINWASTE pilots which shows the positive impact of the execution of REINWASTE. 

The willingness of companies to implement innovative solutions to achieve the 'zero waste' objective is high, improving also after the execution of the pilots.

Companies generally feel that there are currently few or insufficient innovative solutions on the market. This view remains almost unchanged after the pilots have been carried out, as there is no significant change in the time span of the pilots in terms of the supply of innovative solutions on the market. Despite the high predisposition of companies to implement such innovative solutions, it is not always easy, as they do not find proven and consolidated alternatives available on the market and/or are not very well informed about the existing alternatives.

There is a low assessment of the existence of inorganic waste managers in the sector. This assessment is the same at the beginning and at the end, which clearly shows the lack of inorganic waste managers in the sector, and therefore the need for companies to change the waste management model and develop their logistics, as well as to increase the number of managers or auxiliary companies dedicated to this activity and to meet the demand of farmers. 

The companies value very positively the usefulness of the REINWASTE project from the point of view of the applicability of the pilots that have been tested on their farms, giving a very good assessment of this usefulness.

Moreover, a few questions were conducted only in the second phase of the survey. The main results of this part are: 

A very high evaluation is appreciated by the companies respecting to the practical applicability of the results obtained by the respective pilots tested on their farms.

There is a heterogeneous opinion of the companies on the assessment of the general organization of the pilot (very high standard deviation), although the average assessment is generally good.

There is a good appreciation of the companies regarding the general knowledge of the knowledge centers (experts) contracted by REINWASTE to implement the pilots, being this valuation very high 

Likewise, the companies express good satisfaction with the reliability of the expert in fulfilling the planning and organization of the work in this phase of 'testing' the innovative solutions of the pilots.

The assessment given in terms of the time spent by the companies on carrying out the pilots was also good.

The duration of the pilots was in general considered as adequate.

The detailed feedback and the opinion from the horticultural companies can be consulted in depth in the following link: