The Andalusian Government has approved the Andalusian Strategy for Circular Bioeconomy Horizon 2030.


The above mentioned Strategy establishes the regional policies to stimulate this new way of production and sustainable consumption based on the integral utilization of the biological resources generated by the food-processing, fishing and forest sectors for the manufacture of added-value products, the generation of bioenergy and the provision of new services.


For the development of the Strategy, the Andalusian Government has the experience of having participated in diverse European projects such as ICT-Biochain, Reinwaste, Power4Bio and Symbi. Likewise, Andalusia was, in 2016 and 2017, one of six regions selected by the European Commission (EC) as model region of this type of productive activity, which at continental level, already generates an annual turnover of 2,000 million Euros and represents 9% of the total jobs. Just in the field of energetic use, Andalusia has a total potential of 3,958 kilotonnes of oil equivalent every year (the consumption of more than 800,000 people in one year).