IFAPA and AGAPA presented different experiences acquired and results from the executed pilot tests within the REINWASTE project undertaken to improve sustainability by reducing waste and by-products...

In the context of the International Recycling Day, REINWASTE project contributes to promote alternative materials which can be RECYCLED in the horticultural greenhouse sector.

IFAPA leads the study of the potential adoption of the innovative alternatives tested in REINWASTE project. The main results obtained for the horticultural primary sector are presented in this...



Debate on Agroecology at the Universidad de Almería

The Institute of Agrarian Training, Fishing and Ecological Agriculture of Andalucia presented the REINWASTE project to the Permament Agroecology Group of te University of Almería. This group is made up of Advisors and Agricultural Engineers of Ecological Vegetables who have got a recognized prestige in the field of organic farming.